District Indistries Centre, Puducherry

Development of Coir






To develop the existing skill of the Coir artisans or the interested persons to acquire the latest skill & modern technologies by undergoing such Advance/High skilled training available in various places of India.





i.Residence: Should be a native of U.T. of Puducherry  .


                    Should be a continuous resident for the past 3 years.

ii. Age limit : 18 to 35 years

iii. Education:  As prescribed by the Training Units / Institutions

3. Period of training: As prescribed by the Training Units / Institutions

4.Pattern of Assistance :   For Trainees.


                                         i.   Stipend  Rs. 2500/-   per month/per trainee.  

                                         ii.  Accommodation charge Rs. 500/-per month/per trainee.

                                         iii. Traveling Allowances:  To and Fro traveling expenses

                                              restricted to 2nd class sleeper train fare.


                                         For Training unit/ Institution

                                               Full course fee will be paid to the training units/institutions

                                               as prescribed by them.


Application Form for Training (Download)



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