District Indistries Centre, Puducherry

Development of Handicrafts



The objective of the program is to develop the skills in handicrafts in order to create better employment  opportunities and to boost the livelihood of rural poor. The Gurukulam kind of training imply learning the skill of the craft in its environment


Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Training

1. Age: Between 18 and 35 years

2. Education: No formal educational qualification is required

3. Residence: Must be native of Union Territory of Puducherry (or) continuous resident for three years.

4. Period of training: One year

5. Time of submission of application:
Month of August (Advt. will be floated in local dailies during July)

6. Commencement of training:
In the month of December

Stipend to Trainees (per month)
              Rs 1500/-

The master craftsperson will be paid an honorarium of Rs 300/- per trainee per month subject to a maximum of Rs.3000/- per month and Rs.200/- per trainee per month towards compensation for wastage of raw materials subject to a maximum of Rs.2000/- per month.


Application Form for Training (Download)



The following are the crafts practiced in this Union Territory of Pondicherry.
1. Soap stone carving. 16. Mat Weaving.
2. Pith Craft. 17. Bathik Printing
3. Tapestry. 18. Pottery/Clay toys/Ceramic
4. Wood carving. 19. Miniature painting & printing.
5. Bronze Icon. 20. Cloth & Stuffed dolls
6. Serpentine stone carving 21. Decorative wax candles
7. Terracotta. 22. Hand knitted Hammacks
8. Tanjore Painting. 23. Cane & Bamboo
9. Leather goods. 24. Semi precious stones and jewellery
10. Crochet 25. Glazed art pottery
11. Paper Machie. 26. Dry flowers
12. Hand Printed Textile. 27. Lamp shade - Jute and paper
13. Shell items. 28. Wire craft
14. Palm Leaf articles. 29. Fibre craft
15. Embroidery and appliqué works.  

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