District Indistries Centre, Puducherry

Development of Handicrafts




Advance training is given to those who want to learn the exquisite skill of the craft. The candidates will be sponsored for training in other states where the craft is practised to its fineness



Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Training

1. Age: Between 18-35 years

2. Education:  As prescribed by the Training Unit / Institution

3. Residence: Must be native of Union Territory of Puducherry (or) continuous resident for three years.

4. Period of training: As prescribed by the Training Unit / Institution

Stipend to Trainees (per month):
              Rs 2500/-

Travelling Allowances:  One time to and fro expenses restricted to 2nd class train fare


Accommodation: Accommodation charges @ Rs.500/- per month will be paid to the trainees



Application Form for Training (Download)



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