District Indistries Centre, Puducherry

Development of Handicrafts




Creation of Handicrafts Societies are encouraged in order to bring coordination and dexterity among the crafts persons. Grants are provided to such societies to enable them to organise or participate in exhibitions to develop the marketing of handicraft products



The Handicrafts society should be registered either as a Co-operative society or under Society Act.


The members of the society should be artisans approved either by the State Government or Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)


The Society should deal only with the handicraft products produced by the artisans of the U.T. of Puducherry.


Pattern of Assistance


Grant of Rs. 10 lakhs per annum is provided to PUDUMAI Handicrafts Artisans Society, Puduchery for conduct of Exhibitions


Grant of 2.00 lakhs/per annum is provide to other societies for conduct of or participating in various exhibitions in and outside India for 5 years 



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