District Industries Centre


1. The principal objective of IGB is to facilitate the entrepreneurs in obtaining clearances from various Departments/Agencies in a time bound and efficient manner for setting up of industrial units. The IGB shall ensure the timely availability of Provisional Registration/NOC from the Directorate of Industries.

2. It shall continue to facilitate the setting up of a unit till the unit receives Permanent Registration and commencement of production certificate from the agencies concerned. During this entire process, the IGB shall act as the single point contact for the entrepreneurs.


1. The IGB shall be headed by the Director of Industries and Commerce and further constituted with 'Nodal officers' and 'Escorts Officers' with Secretariat staff.

2. Assistant Directors in the Directorate of Industries & Commerce and the District Industries Centre shall function as 'Escorts Officers' for different categories of Industries. They shall ensure that the applications received for setting up opf a unit in Pondicherry are processed speedily and put in to operations within the time frame mentioned in the annexure hereto. Tehy shall be the interface between the Entrepreneurs and Departments/ Agencies concerned.

3. The second in command of the respective Municipality/Commune Panchayat, chief Inspector of Factories, Town and Country Planning Department, Pondicherry Planning Authority, Agriculture Department, Labour Department and Electricity Department shall be the 'Nodal Officers' pertaining to their Departments. They shall ensure that the applications received in their Department for setting up of any unit are processed and disposed of without any undue delay. They shall be the interface between the Department and the IGB.

4. The General Manager, District Industries Centre shall be the Member-Secretary of IGB. He shall ensure that all applications received by the IGB are processed in a timely manner. He shall monitor through the 'Escort Officers' and ensure that the cases are not delayed and are decided speedily. Wherever bottlenecks are noticed, he shall bring it to the notice of the Director of Industries and Commerce and the Secretary (Ind. & Com.) for remedial action.

5. The secretarial staff of the Directorate of Industries and Commerce and District Industries Centre as are associated with the Single Window Committee and processing of applications, shall form the core secretarial staff of the IGB.

6. There shall be a High Level Committee (Industrial Promotion Committee) (IPC) consisting of the following:

1 Secretary to Govt. (Ind. & Com.) - Chairman
2 Director, Dept. Science, Techonology and Environment - Member
3 Director, Local Administration Dept. - Member
4 Director, Agriculture Department - Member
5 Labour Commissioner - Member
6 Superintending Engineer-I, Electricity Dept. - Member
7 Chief Town Planner, Town & Country Planning Dept. - Member
8 Member Secretary, Pondicherry Planning Authority - Member
9 The Director of Industries and Commerce - Member Secretary

The Chairman may co-opt one or two representatives from Industrial Associations and one or two Non-officials as Members in the Committee.

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