District Industries Centre
C. Functions:

The IGB shall perform the following functions:

  1. Act as Single point contact avoiding the present system of multipoint contact;

  2. Devise a revised application form fulfilling the requirements of all Departments dealing with statutory and non statutory clearances;

  3. Facilitate filling up of the common application form by the entrepreneur through Escorts Officers;

  4. Ensure adequate publicity of IGB through the Directorate of Industries and Commerce;

  5. Take a prime role in suggesting policy changes and procedural reforms to remove bottlenecks in setting up of industrial units in Pondicherry;

  6. Associate with related institutions (ex. PIPDIC, Banks,PKVIB, NSIC,etc.,) and suggest policy prescription for proper dissemination of information about the Industrial climate and opportunities in Pondicherry;

  7. Give 'In Principle' approval to green category units (as per the Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee norms) after taking into account the extant policies of related Departments;

  8. Convene Industrial Promotion Committee meeting in a timely manner and ensure that the orange and red category units also get cleared as per policy;

  9. Continuously strive to Improve the processing mechanism of applications eventually leading to use of electronic means in the process completely;

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