District Industries Centre
D. Procedure:

1. IGB shall receive the application from the promoters of the project and after scrutiny of the application form, shall forward the application with relevant documents to the concerned Departments' immediately in not more than three working days.

2. Each Department shall set up a fast track mechanism and ensure that the time limits prescribed are followed scrupulously.

3. For the 'Green Category' units the IGB itself shall give the 'In Principle approval and keep the progress informed to the IPC. Normally only orange or red category unit applications shall be placed before the IPC by the IGB. It shall also follow up with the 'Nodal Officers' to ensure that the permanent registration of units in green category is completed within stipulated time. Any delay shall be brought to the notice of the IPC forthwith by the IGB.

4. All the application forms shall be placed by the IGB on the Industries Department Website in a downloadable format. The status of each application shall also be indicated in the same Website on a weekly basis. The Escort Officers of the Directorate of Industries and Commerce shalkl ensure that the information pertaining to pending applications with various Departments is updated in the Website at least once every week.

5. The IGB shall strive to forward the common application forms electronically. In case of statutory requirements such electronic forwarding of applications shall be followed with hardcopy parallely.

6. There shall be a team of staff dedicated to the operation and updating of the Website in the Industries Department headed by the Deputy Director (Technical) which shall ensure that the information in the department Website is up to date.

7. The IPC shall scrutinize the applications and give on the spot 'In Principle' clearance to applications. In cas any clarifications are required the entrepreneur may be in attendance so that a clear view emanates. All the members of the IPC shall attend the meeting without fail, which shall be held once in three weeks and the IGB shall inform the members with the agenda at least 5 working days in advance.

8. The Regional committees under the chairmanship of the Regional Administrators shall continue to fuonction in cases of green category units. For red and orange category units, the registration process shall be through the IGB at Headquaters.

9. All members shall attend the meeting positively either in person or by deputing an officer sho is competent to take decisions regarding the agenda items. Once a decision is taken in the IPC meeting, it shall be obligatory on the part of the Department concerned to comply with the decision without any deviation within the overall timelimit prescribed.

10. All departments should process the applications simultaneously and adhere to the time limits as per the annexure. For red and orange category units also permission/ clearances shall be issued after the cases are cleared 'In Principle' by the IPC within the overall allotted time of 30 days as per annexure-I.

11. Once the 'In-Principle approval is accorded in the IPC meeting, the IGB shall communicate the approval to the promoter within three days from the actual date of approved minutes.

12. If any proposal is required to be placed before the Cabinet for its approval, for better coordination, the IGB shall prepare the agenda with emphasis on the issue which requires Cabinet approval and get it placed before the Cabinet for approval.

13. Applications received by the Departments through IGB shall be processed and final decision shall be arrived as per the provisions of the Department within the prescribed number of days.

14. The Committee for industrial promotion/clearances under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary shall be appraised of the process of the functioning of the IGB on a quarterly basis.

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