The main objective is to promote sale of products of small scale industries, cottage and tiny sector products.

Marketing is the greatest problem faced by all cottage & tiny units and small scale industries. Many units fall sick due to the difficulties faced while marketing their products. To overcome the same, DIC arranges to market the products through the following arrangements.

i) Sales Rebate

The products manufactured by the local cottage and Tiny sector units are eligible for a sales rebate of 15% on the total sales value, for the products sold through sales emporia recognised by the Government of Pondicherry.

ii) Exhibition and Participations in Trade Fairs

To attract industrialists to invest in Pondicherry, promotion campaigns, investment meets, seminars etc. are arranged both in India and abroad. Exhibition are arranged in important towns and cities to display the products of Industrial Units of this Territory (SSI products, Handicrafts and cottage industrial products) to boost the sales. Arrangements are also made to participate in the trade fairs conducted by any other agencies, by taking up a separate pavilion to display the industrial products. The cost towards arrangement of exhibition is borne by the Government.