District Industries Centre


  Puducherry Management and Productivity Council (PMPC) is a registered society under the Government of Puducherry. It was formed in the year 1988.  The main objective of PMPC is to stimulate the productivity consciousness at all levels of National life and in various areas like industry, science and technology, human resources and the general public attitudes respective to the idea for productivity, thus ensuring a favourable climate of opinion which would facilitate the introduction and application of modern techniques - social and technical - for increasing productivity.   

PMPC is administered by a Council of members. Secretary to Govt. (Ind & Com) is the President of the council and the activities are monitored by the Governing Body which is headed by the Secretary to Govt. (Labour) as the Chairman of the Governing Body. The Council is administered by a Secretary-cum-Director of Training with five supporting staff to discharge the day-to-day activities of the Council. Government has appointed the General Manager, DIC as Secretary-cum-Director of Training.

PMPC imparts various types of management training to the personnel employed in the industrial sector.  The PMPC functions on the grant released by the Government of Puducherry.  Two types of grants are given One is Administrative Grant and other is 90% course fee as subsidy for the training programme organized by PMPC.  

PMPC, in coordination with various institutions like National Productivity council, leading management consultancies engages resource persons for imparting training to the personnel employed in the industrial sector at different levels like Top and Middle level executives and Lower level supervisors and workers.